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Sunday 31 December 2017

Trip to the desert

After leaving the Sand Dunes it was off to the Redwood Forest at the Jedediah State Park Redwoods.  The only thing I have to say is WOW!  It isn’t that I haven’t seen big trees before, as on Vancouver Island we have some beauties.  The Redwoods are tall. 


20171222 110505   Jedediah State Park Redwoods 18  

Very tall and it was hard to get the scale right just to show how tall they were.  I think the tallest is measured at 380’ (116m).  We were so lucky going at this time of year as we pretty much had the forest to ourselves.  

20171222 112616   20171222 131844  

Of course, I had to take photos of the mushrooms and other fauna on the forest floor. Huge spear ferns, mosses and ivies. We even seen a bit of poison ivy…….at a respectable distance.

Jedediah State Park Redwoods 15   20171222 130404  

Then it was off to find a spot to stay for a few days over Christmas.

We had a delightful Christmas.  Stayed 5 days in Crescent City, Oregon; laid around, went for walks, eat to much, drank a little too much, the usual holiday fair.

20171226 072008   20171226 071947  

The Shoreline RV park we stayed in was quiet and right next to the ocean.  20’ out front was a beach with a great view of the cutest little light house you could only get to at low tide.  We never did seem to make it there.

20171223 141034  

A note about the RV park, great spot, very nice owners, but the bathrooms were never cleaned.  I kept looking for a broom to sweep out the sand (it is everywhere) and the WiFi was non-existent. It was hard to update or even send emails, 2 seconds on and 20 min off.  After a while we just gave up trying.

20171223 151717  

Then Christmas Eve we found the Seaquake Brewing Company.  What a great place, wonderful friendly staff and pretty good craft beer.  My favorite though was the onion rings, they added Franks hot sauce to the batter.  Tyler didn’t like but I thought they were yummy.  The other cool thing was that they had Crowler cans that they canned right in front of you so we ordered a couple of blond ales to go for over Christmas.

20171223 180049 ANIMATION  


Christmas day we woke, had coffee and opened gifts.  I think the cats loved the bags and paper and even in such a small space managed to tear (Carl loves to rip paper) much into tiny pieces.  It was so funny as both of us had bought our gifts for each other long before we had even thought of taking this adventure.  I had bought Tyler the smallest camera drone which in the condo would have been lots of room to torment the kitties.  In the RV not so much.  Limited space with lots of obstacles……. To funny to watch. 

20171225 190507  

Santa brought me a resin kit with all the molds, dyes, sticks and ideas to make pendants with fun things in them.  I can hardly wait to find a warm outside table to mix and experiment with.


On December 27 from Crescent City we headed over Shasta-Trinity National Forest into Redding to visit with an old friend I had not seen in 15+ years.  It was wonderful to have Vicki as a guide and walk the trails along the Sacramento River.  Not to mention crossing the glass floored Sundial Bridge. 

20171228 111415  

20171228 104947  

20171228 104632  

A couple of days visiting and off again over the high Sierra’s to Carson City and a night stay at the Walmart there. 

We had supper at a Mexican Restaurant La Posada and was very looked after from Steve whose wife came from Sechelt in BC. Makes you smile.    

Catch up on grocery shopping and off to Tonopah, Nevada.So this is where we are going to hangout for a few days and explore the high desert. 

20171230 124227  

20171230 124839  

 at Walker Lake.

Met another traveler from Grandforks, BC parked right beside us with his 4 dogs.  Lots of snow geese heading south.  Having to brave the cold nights here -4c.  Luckily nothing froze.

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