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Thursday, 27 June 2019

Mostly Done... Before & After Pt. 1

Well, Again, here we are not on a Tuesday with no excuses! The house is almost all done. Just 8 more things left to do: Paint the last piece of trim outside, dig a sump pump ditch, replace the last spot of gutters, bolt the back deck door handles on, fix a hole in the wall in the workroom (where a window used to be), fix the door trim in the work room-kitchen, paint touchups around the house, buy a block molding for the last piece of trim to go into the foyer. And then it'll be time to move back into the motorhome!

It's pouring outside right now, as it's been raining for the last 3 days so no outside stuff which is pretty much all of it as even cutting it an outside job now that the insides are actually clean and dust free. And we're keeping it that way!

So the next few will be a before and after look at the work we've done. 
Here are a few shots of before and after (can you guess which is which 😉):

What a difference! 

Mum is totally addicted to No Man's Sky now and may be willing the rain so she can feed her addiction! 

Sam, Wishing he was outside playing with us.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

We're up for sale!

So I didn't make my Tuesday posting deadline :-( Sorry everybody! But in my defense we spent the last few days working like dogs from dawn 'til dusk to make our house beautiful! There's still lots of little details, a ditch to dig, some painting, calking, and probably the hardest thing... Keeping the place clean!

Here are two highlights of some of the last few bits we did last week:
Dryer vent shelf

OMG so we spent half a day working on this cool sliding door for the upstairs spare bedroom only to find one it was all assembled the wall was so warped no amount of adjusting would make it look good and we ended up removing the whole thing and putting a curtain up instead. You can tell we're getting tired when we don't double check this kind of thing.

 But we did it and are live on the mls! It's pretty exciting to have it posted! Albeit it was a little disappointing to find out our starting price is a bit lower than we had hoped. Anywho here is a few pictures of the finished product! (Begin the picture dump!)

 And finally Carl might need a diet.... 

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Flooring all done!

 This week has been another busy week. We've finished painting and flooring the inside! The trim is almost all done. Just one window needs to be redone (I can't measure apparently) and the baseboards around the new flooring... Oh and ugh the baseboards and trim in the lower foyer. I have to say it's hard crawling around on the floor laying laminate but the results really show a huge improvement!

The hardest part was for sure lifting that bloody fireplace, laying underneath, while holding it place. But it really wasn't that hard!

Carl inspecting the latest cabinet on our very curvy floor. 
Tomorrow I call the realtor and start the sale process! There's still a few cosmetic things to do before we can really say we're done but we're definitely on the home run!

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Wait its Tuedsay again ALREADY!?!?!?

I can't believe another week has just zipped by! I feel like I haven't accomplished much of anything but we've still been making progress....

The guys actually finished the outside before we finished the inside and it's such a transformation. 

Driving up to the house. 
Tony putting up the last few shingles

The front half done. 
The Front all done!
Meanwhile we've been prepping the last two rooms downstairs. We had to drywall around the window we put which meant tripping out a portion of the wall. 

We have another day of painting the walls and then flooring. Followed by sanding (outside!) and painting the baseboards

I am really happy to say that this look won't be something I have to repeat very soon: