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Monday 11 December 2017

We're in the RV!

OMG we’re in an episode of Hoarders! 

20171210 182359  

Well it’s not really that bad.... 

20171210 182411  

As mum is clearly saying “Waaaaat?”

It’s taken us a little longer to actually move into the RV. There are still a couple of stragglers left in the condo for us to pick up on the way out. But we decided to take an extra day to clean up what we’ve moved in and downsize some more a bit as we have kind of, slightly overestimated how much stuff we have. I do have to say when the Salvation Army came on Friday to take all the furniture and majority of items they did an excellent job and were really good to work with! I was surprised when I got home from work to find a very empty apartment. But for all of the donations the motorhome (Fergy as she has been named) is much smaller than we had anticipated. Even though the things we have managed to sneak in here and squirrel away is really amazing! 

Mum and  I spent last night in our new home and slept surprisingly well. I even managed a full 12 hours without getting up! Today was a busy moving and cleaning of the condo day. It took me about 40 min round trip with my cart to ferry things from the condo to Fergy. That seems like a long time but it was actually pretty quick and oh man the looks I got packing all our worldly treasures down the street. ha! OOOoooooh and a special thanks to Jen and Priscilla for the sweets! Those nibs kept me zooming along all day! Heh but now I can hardly move. 

The kitties are still really freaked but have started to settle in and are taking well to their new environment. Like all cats it’ll take a few days for them to settle in. But of course Carl found the one closed door in the whole place and was very concerned about whats on the other side:

20171210 194115  

Of course opening the door got the attention of Sam who also had to see what was on the other side....

20171210 194329  

 It’s the bathroom! Holy cow! I have no idea what they saw up there that was so fascinating but they were intrigued.

It’s been a great start to our adventure and even though it’s a slow start and we haven’t left the parking lot I’m plum happy! Well time to tidy up and downsize a bit more, again, so we can zoom on our way!

PS. On a side note we’re taking down an inventory of what we have in our RV to register at Canada customs so that when we pass back into Canada in a few months we won’t have to declare those items. Like TV, Laptop, Hurricane Lamps, Artworks, and so on.

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