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Wednesday 14 July 2021

After almost 3 years we are on the road again.

 It has been lovely staying at Rockwood Campground in Saint John, NB for the past 2 months.

Lilly's on the Lake.

Being able to get familiar with our new Minni Winni named Bella has been awesome.  All the quirks and burps that come with living a small home sorted out and close to Canadian Tire too!

Mom getting a helping hand  from Carl.

One thing about it is it takes about an hour to totally clean the place.  Then about 5 min to have a cluttered mess again.  I am surprised that we cant find one outside photo of the RV. Have to take a few on the road to post next time.

Rockwood Park has been wonderful. Lots of wild life, room for the kitties to explore and mouse hunt.  It has also given us time to say bye to all our new found friends.

We have also been able to enjoy the many trails in the park.  And now that it is warming up maybe a little swimming as well.  But I had better get out the swimsuit soon as we leave for the big adventure across Canada and home to B.C. next week!!

We did not take the chicken way even though it was
slow and steep.  We were on foot at least.

Both Tyler and I are looking forward to being on the road again and checking out new spots.  Drop us a comment if you think we should be adding anything else on out journey west.