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Tuesday 5 December 2017

Crazy crazy crazy

This must be one of the hardest things I have had to do in a long time. Trying to make arrangements that are both affordable and convenient. After having a moving company come in to tell us that it was about $8.000.00 to have our things packed, stored and shipped to where-ever we land in 3+ months, we had to find alternative plans. We sat down and figured out what our furniture actually cost and decided we could just about replace everything for that amount. So, the purge continues and the decision to donate almost everything to the Salvation Army was made. They are coming on Friday to collect just about everything. I was a little saddened to make the decision that all the pictures, and personal trinkets had to go but on the other hand they are just that trinkets and pictures. All replaceable at some other date. It helped to know that most had been stored in the back closet for the last year and I had not missed them or even looked at them in the past 18 months. But then my brother cam to the rescue and is taking all the pictures home with him. He will sell most of them which is fine and I am glad that a little good will come of them. But things are coming along, the cats are registered and ready. The phones have a new number when we cross the border. Travel insurance has been purchased. The last of the condo will be cleaned on Saturday and technically we can be on the road Sunday. When we get to the first stop in Washington I am going to sleep and walk and relax for at least 3 days. ooffta

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