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Tuesday 6 November 2018

Happy Post Halloween!

Halloween was quite funny actually! We had 6 whole trick or treaters including the two standard teenagers not dressed up. I can't say much I was no better. We did put out a few decorations but I forgot to take a picture. 😞 There have been a few smashed
captivated cats

Installing the picture window on the front of the house was interesting but with the help of Tony at Home Hardware who generously offered a few hours of his time, to help up lift the old window out and the new window in, it was fairly painless.

There's mum screwing the window into place.

We've kind of been dragging our heels this last week. Even though we've accomplished a few things like emptying the tanks in the motorhome... Which reminds me I need to finish winterizing it! Ooooh and getting 3 cords of wood cut and stacked. We finally had to cave after 6 months of being here and no residential pipe fitters to install propane. Even the propane suppliers shrugged and said they'd happily deliver but wouldn't install and couldn't offer any local names.

Yesterday we decided it's time to get back into the swing of things and get some work done! Mum took on the task of ripping apart the mud room. Found an exterior wall with no insulation so had to add that and meanwhile I replaced baseboards. (She's afraid of electricity 😏)

replacing the ceiling

This is going to be a short post.... *not to self: more pictures Tyler, more pictures* Tomorrow we add a sub floor, finish insulating, and maybe Drywall the mud room before tackling the kitchen!