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Monday 25 February 2019

The downstairs bathroom

We've been busy the last two months... wait... weeks! 

The downstairs is almost done... The laundry and the fixtures are all installed. Just need to install a divider with an exit for the dryer hose. Mum did an amazing job rebuilding the vanity. She took it apart refinished all the bits and applied a few decoupage jellyfish to the side and the door. It's a tiny little space so pictures don't really do it justice...

There's Sam checking his laundry... meanwhile below is mum going for the first walk down our new basement steps. 

Omg those old steps were treacherous. But they're all better now! Meanwhile a few random shots of Carl inspecting the steps before installation, a lamp under the hot water tank to keep the lines from freezing (A new cold weather problem), and a sneak peak of the new shower base upstairs.

Meanwhile our pensive Carl thinking about the work left to be done...

Tuesday 12 February 2019

Brrrr! It's cold outside!

I've been putting off adding another post (sorry everyone) in the hopes that I'd have a completed room for you but noooOooooOOOOOooo! So here's an update of where we're at. It's been 10 months and I'm starting to freak out a little about our schedule but we're not into panic mode yet... We've been working on the downstairs bathroom and have it almost all ready for the furnishings to be installed. I'm just waiting for the taps to arrive so I can finish pluming in the laundry.


The downstairs bathroom as it is right now. 
We had to cut the door frame out and install a larger door so that we can get the laundry unit into the room.
Mum dry-walling the downstairs bathroom. 
We had to lay a new sub floor which meant ripping up the old one and we replaced the ceiling tiles with pine slats to match the mudroom and kitchen. And floored it with our laminate. Heh flooring the bathroom meant flooring the dining room (which is now our living room as the living room is now a workshop).

The sub floor  at the foyer between the dining and living room and the front door that nobody uses. 

The foyer floor finished. 

The dining room with all our furniture moved to one side and then the other as we laid the laminate. 

In other news the cat has found a new home with the dirty dishes!

Another project we have done is install the back splash along the kitchen cabinets.

You can see the white panel on the table in the back. The door of the vanity waiting for an acrylic pour as well. We did up the vanity a little differently but that'll be another post.

Mum hand-washing a load of laundry after the laundry p-trap under the house froze and our laundry machine spewed water all over the back workroom. 

Rounding back to cold weather mum built a storm door using those pine slats and plywood to make a very nice looking storm door on the back of the house. What a difference! we;re thinking about building two more storm doors for the other doors on the house.
Our new homemade storm door 
Closeup of storm door.
Speaking of doors here's the back room door we installed yesterday. 
It's an older door we took from upstairs and installed added a frame for the latch and hinges. What a difference it's made as the overall temperature in the house has risen over 3 degrees since installing that door.


Mum going for a *short* walk in the snow

Well... You know it's cold outside when the ocean starts to freeze!

Our view this morning.

It's so cold I've had to get up at 2:30 am to add wood to the fire to help keep the temperature up. Our electric bill for Nov-Dec was... insane... like we might as well close the house down and travel south in the RV for the winter because it's cheaper insane. It's not really the cold that's killing us it's the wind. Holy molly why everyone doesn't have a personal wind power station!? It's been a steady 40+ kph with gusts upwards of 70+. Ooooh and then windstorms bringing up up to 115+ kph!

Well that's my rant for the day... off to town for more supplies before the next storm hits tomorrow.