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Wednesday 13 December 2017

We Made it out of Canada

Holy crow we finally made it out of the country yesterday. I took us 2 extra days living in the RV in the parking lot in New West in order to sort things out but we made it. And what a wild ride.... Had everything battened down I not even close. Even Carl the black cat had to hide under the blankets to avoid the crash and bangs. A few broken things but luckily, I didn’t bring a lot of fine china. Sam (the black and white kitty) hid under Tyler’s feet in the passenger side as that was the safest and least bumpy ride. Going through the border took longer than I had thought it would, although it was a breeze for us. The guards asked where we going, how long, and did we have fruits or veggies (only a forgotten tomato I said). I had to laugh when he asked Tyler if he was retired too when he looked at Tyler’s passport and we were going for 3 months. We just said he was for the next 3 months and off we went. A quick stop at the local Walmart centre for mattress pads, food and a few casual shirts for Tyler (yay he dress work shirts); then off to find a home for the night. But here we are sitting in a paid RV Park just outside Deception Pass State Park at 7am playing on the computers waiting for coffee to perk. The RV Park is North Whidbey RV park. Very nice host got us all settled in with electricity, water, sewer, and cable for $36.00us. I know we are going to try for the more rugged camping spots later but for now it is nice to have a all of the amenities. We had originally driven into Deception Pass State Park to stay but got instructed that the water was here, then drive to the sewage dump (that was closed) and then we could pick a spot from 330 to 365 at the Quarry pond. Which was still across the highway and away from the beach where I really wanted to go. So, we opted for a very convenient, everything included spot. Next to the showers and washrooms, a good choice for our first night on the road. We may stay here an extra day just to hike, relax and check things out.

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