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Saturday 19 February 2022

A little bit at a time.

 We have only had a few days warm enough to be working in the shop.  One day was devoted to cleanup.

Tyler spent a few hours pulling nails and there are a bunch of them  We have double what is in the box, there is a bucket besides.

A lot of nails.

We managed to get the wall out and remove the linoleum from the bathroom.  We will pull all the fixtures and the finished washroom will be much smaller. 5'x5'.

There is going to be a bit of floor fixing at the same time.  Pretty ugly right now.

Even with all the work we found time to put out the lawn chairs in a sheltered spot to have a break.  But it looks like it is going to be another week of -11 to - 25 so no reno's this next week.  Think I'll keep working on the dolls.

Stay warm everyone!!

Saturday 12 February 2022

Wall is Gone!

 It has been slow work and stiff and sore work.  Not put in as many hours as we would have liked but the walls are still coming down.

Ok I had to show off a little bit.  

Old buildings are amazing and I am always amazed at what people do when remodeling.  3" nails when 1" would have sufficed.   Staples, omg the staples.  We have a pile of ruff painted 1 x 4's that will take a month to remove all the staples.

The floor has been the most interesting though.  We removed the grey top indoor/outdoor carpet only to find a purple indoor/outdoor carpet and then discovered a spot that the subfloor (or at least the latest subfloor) had disintegrated to find a gold carpet underneath. 

And we cant forget the peal and stick tiles......  A little bit of everything.

We have found a few treasures though.  Look at the stubby beer bottles.  Pilsner.  

Still having fun even though I'm tired and stiff and sore.  Tyler decided to give me a few days off (4) although I think he needed them just as much as his mom.  

Wednesday 2 February 2022

Busy week!

 Last week was a busy one.  Getting a few days of work into the shop before the weather turned cold again this week.

A blizzard hit on Monday and stopped production just like that.

With no heat or electricity in the building -20 is just a little to cold for us to work in this week.  

However last week was productive in that we took the suspended ceiling down.  Our big garbage bin came so all the garbage was cleaned up and out of the building.  

A lot of garbage cleaned up.

We also managed to pull out all the old wiring and have started on removing the inner walls.  

The roofer has checked out the roof and the trusses and a new tin roof is set for the first of April so now we just have to gut the place and we will be ready to wire, insulate, drywall and build tables.  

We were glad that the roof is safe to redo.  Not much water damage is a bonus.

We also spent a bit of time figuring out what we would like the front of the shop to look like and have started a drafted version.  It's a work in progress but a start.

The bottom in faux rock and the top in shingles.  New window and door, a small fence to the left side to cover the breezeway and fix the top using the existing brackets.

Don't forget Tyler's new sign!!

So it maybe cold out but there is still a lot to do in designing.  Never a dull moment.