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Tuesday 26 March 2019

Upstairs bathroom

Just a short one today. There's been a lot of work for just a couple of pictures this week but that's the way the cookie crumbles.
Another busy week working on the upstairs bathroom. Got the shower plumbed in and installed! OMG have I missed having a shower! 
Cleaned out the back room so we can put up shelves and stack the wood and trim rather than having it strewn about on the upstairs hallway. We're waiting for wood and are still taking from the neighbors pile. He's fine with it as it's awful wood and barely burns anymore.
Mum made a roman blind for the kitchen but it didn't turn out so she's going to make a new one.
The kitties are helping as usual.

This week is going to be a lot of tiding up the upstairs before tackling each room. Then stripping wallpaper, sanding, and painting!

Tuesday 19 March 2019


So the last week started out well. We were going great guns on the upstairs bathroom! The tiles were all in place and we have the ceiling wallpapered.
It looks great. All that's left is the shower walls, finishing the plumbing and the vanity... ok and the trim!
Really those should have been quick but noooooOOooOOOoooo..... Instead it decided to rain over 40mm in a few hours which with our sump pump setup it was totally overwhelmed and our basement flooded. Not like a few inches... not a foot no; no it had to flood over 3 feet! It was so deep I couldn't touch the bottom with my toes in my gumboots.
We had to go to town (and sat in front of the home hardware doors waiting for them to open; omg at least it wasn't Sunday) and buy a new pump which took all day to drain the water enough for me to get down there and drill a hole through the wall so we could stick the sump pump hose out and run it across the front yard. There was literally a small creek flowing into the basement from several spots in the basement walls.
So we had to take a few days to clean out the few things that were down there (The pressure washer, dehumidifier, and space heater thankfully not plugged in... I wonder if any of it will survive when it's dried out?) And then shovel out 4 wheelbarrows worth the dirt off the floor. It's still a mess down there but at least with a few buckets of gravel the sump pump is sorted out and *hopefully* it'll keep the flooding under control. The big thing now is when the ground warms up enough for me to dig a trench for us to install a weeping tile and dry well near the ditch downhill from the house.

We're in Shellburn right now where mum is showing off her wares to a shop that might consign her jewelry.

Tomorrow it's back to finish installing the shower...

Tuesday 12 March 2019

Shower time!

With the shower base installed we moved on to tiling. It's taken us a full week of cleaning up the walls and floor ooooh and I did some more plumbing getting the shower taps ready. I still need to attach the lines to the bath lines but PEX pipes are super easy to work with and it'll take no time at all to detach the bath and intercept the existing lines (Which reminds me I forgot to label which is hot and which is cold at the other end... oops!).

 Meanwhile we started with the backer board for behind the shower. 

Mum cutting a circle into one of the tiles. She ended up breaking the side off but it was good practice. 

You can see the grey lines coming out from the back of the tub. They aren't disconnected yet but it's bringing me much closer to a working shower; omg I can't wait! The tub is fine but god I miss having a shower. 

There's the rounded cut to fit around the toilet. That's some pro tile work mum performed right there. 

And with the help of a diamond tipped drill bit the shower lines fit and are ready to go.

Tomorrow is grouting day... If either one of us can move tomorrow. It doesn't seem like that hard of a job but man alive both mum and I are stiff and sore!

Till next week...

Tuesday 5 March 2019

New water heater!

It seems like this week hasn't really been productive but, well, there's been a few things including shoveling snow! We had a dump of over a foot in one day followed by a few more inches the next night. 
Furgs is still there hangin out in the snow
In other news been, slowly, working on the upstairs bathroom. Dug out the floor to find the plumbing. You can see the old broken copper lines. Having looked now I probably should have trashed the ceiling in the dining room below but the hole is there now....
Getting the drain to align with the new shower base drain hole was a bit of an adventure but, of course, I got there. so the drain is installed and I just need to re-fill the hole in the floor!

Meanwhile the really big exciting thing to happen this week was today's installation of a new hot water tank. I finally had to cave and buy a new one as the hot water started to come out a very rusty colour. We tried to drain the old one which helped for a while but it was obvious that the tank insides were rusting, badly. So today the new tank arrived... and I spent the whole day, draining and replacing the old tank with the new one. It took ages! I'm not really sure why but whatever. Oh but a rando thing I found when I removed the cold water intake line was a small bead. It looks like it must have fallen into the well and was slowly working its way through the water system until it got stuck.  

Till next time, please, enjoy a newly installed closet door knob!