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Thursday 7 December 2017

The Local Cart Lady

The looks you get walking your cart down the street are amazing.  Now I could get in the motor home and drive it up to the condo, find a parking spot (or not) and load the few boxes I have had ready each day.  Besides needing the exercise, I have rather enjoyed my dayly trip or two to the quay each day.

I think I may have even caught the eye of one of the old cart men that hangout near the skytrain station.  After 2 weeks of making trips, yesterday he perked right up, smiled and even grunted something at me.  I smiled and kept right on walking.  He was a little too perfume for my liking.  But it did make me smile.

20171206 130405      The last load I took to  Furgy.

Almost everything is in Furgy (that is the RV’s name) and ready to go.  We only have 4 days before we head out onto the road.  A little more cleaning, packing and out the door.  Tomorrow the Salvation Army comes and then that’s it.

I am really hoping that the fog we are having right now is gone by then.  I’ve always disliked driving in the fog and it is really hard to site see with it all socked in .

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