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Sunday 27 May 2018

So many things to do

Yesterday I finally said "stop" and did just that for the weekend.  So I putt'sed around for the day and got my little work room all set up and Tyler's bedroom curtains made.
My new work space.  Waiting to be painted come winter.

There was an beautiful old velvet bedspread that I washed and thought I would like on my bed but after trying it for a night decided it was just too heavy and it made great black-out drapes for Tyler instead.  I'll post photos of them after Tyler gets the curtain rods up and we can show them off properly.

Over the last 2 weeks we have done a lot of cleaning and figuring out where everything goes, and how (or if) everything works.  We have a bit of a mystery going on with the upstairs shower.  No water.
The mystery shower

The bath tub fills, the toilet works as does the sink but not the shower.  I know it did at one time as I cleaned all the old soap residue off of it when we first moved in.  Tyler and I have both checked everywhere for a shut off valve to no avail. From the basement up... no shutoff taps.
Look! the stain glass piece made it and looks great in the
bathroom window.

Thinking they are in the ceiling of the dining room but until we can take off the ceiling tiles we just wont know.  I think we will move the lines to go around and under the tub when we redo the upstairs bathroom.  And put the shut off valves where they can be found.

I think we finally have a roofer coming in 2 weeks to re shingle the roof.  That will be awesome and a big piece of mind taken care off.  Most of the contractors here where busy until fall; so here is to hoping that the fellow does a great job and we will not have to worry about a leaky roof over the summer.

But I must say it is beautiful sitting here in the mornings looking out onto Barrington Passage with coffee in hand.  Watching the fishing boats go out.  The crab boat collect his traps and all of the sea birds coming and going.

Fishing boats

Tyler even managed to take a picture of a deer waking through the yard.
Deer in the front yard.

Monday 21 May 2018

Getting Comfortable

Well we have been cleaning like mad! There's a lot of decay in an empty house that collects over 6 years but we've almost cleared it out. Pulled up the carpets, vacuumed the floors, washed the floor and walls, and scrubbed and scrubbed. Oh and had my first experience with turning on the water for a well system. It was actually a lot easier than I thought; just remove the screw on the top and add water till its full then turn it on but don't forget to put the screw back (whoops its a fountain!) and the little drain screw on the bottom. Surprisingly it all turned on and pressurized the house (well after I ran around frantically turning all the taps in the house off).

On another note on night two the front door magically opened up sometime in the middle of the night and the kitties wandered off. Poof gone we hung around all day calling them talking to neighbors but of course no results! We left the doors propped open all day and that night right after dark guess who popped in meowing to announce his arrival! Sam! Of course he's starving and headed right to the food dish having checked us out. So here we are excided to see him wondering where Carl is and mum headed outside to call him when I saw him out the window well of course he sees me and heads right for the window trying to jump up to get in. I can't open the window (has to be replaced) so I'm yelling at mum that he's there so she can grab him. Looks like they hung pretty close to each other all night and hunkered down someplace for the day so they could wait for the safety of darkness before returning home. 
Makeshift lock to make sure they can't escape again
 Needless to say they were very happy to home! Mum used the old knife in the doorframe to keep the door locked. But down't worry I've ordered new knobs for the all the doors. Meanwhile the kitties have a lot of exploring to do:
So many exciting things to check out

I've got the entertainment center set up and amazingly enough my 70" TV survived being strapped to the headboard of my bed in the motor-home for 5 months. And finally, internet! 100 Mbps internet which is really surprising for being in such rural area.
The IT Crowd, watch it, understand, & enjoy!

Our new washer/dryer stacking combo arrived today and we packed the old ones to the curb and no more than ten minutes later someone was hauling them onto their tuck. It was awesome!

Tomorrow we're off to the big city of Yarmouth to check out Ye Olde Stove Shop and see about a propane heating system...

Tuesday 15 May 2018

A House to be had

We've finally got a place to call home and are moving in today! It's all very exciting! Lots of exclamation points!!!
The house (and my new used car)
We've been spending the last three weeks in a Campground along Upper Clyde River. Ruth and Fred were gracious enough to allow us to stay there a solid two weeks before they were open which was amazing! I can't imagine wandering the area in RV from parking lot to parking lot with no power for three weeks. Heh, I can see why the province doesn't open until mid May. On our second night in the RV park it froze hard enough to freeze the water line from the tap to our RV. Thankfully the hose we use is flexible enough to handle it and didn't break under the ice. Internet was, well, non-existent. Even the cell phones wouldn't work unless you stood in just the right pose. But We're now parked in our new back yard! I've got 4 bars on my phone and can make a post finally! And Eastlink is showing up in a couple of days to hook us up with 100 Mbps Cable. I haven't had home internet so fast!

It's been a lot off excitement and a lot of down time. Poor mum is very impatiently waiting for the green light to get into the house. Atlantic time is a lot like Kootney time. Nothing happens fast around here and you need to give a lot of gentle nudges here and there to keep things going. Speaking of I have to call my car insurance place, again. 

Ooh and our new place is oceanfront property! There's a cranberry bog and bushes between us and the ocean but we plan to clear a path down. It's also really neat here as the fog is a common occurrence and even this morning I woke up to a nice fog bank and couldn't see the other side of the inlet; or even a few houses down. It didn't stick around this morning and has already almost totally lifted. 
Our ocean front view
Oh and here's my new used car! She's been great and I've really enjoyed driving her around. I have plates and our drivers licences are in the mail... Official Nova Scotians! 
My new Car! A Kia Rondo (I call her Lucy)

 It's going to be a busy next few weeks as we clean up the house and get renovations started. We have lots to do as she needs a new roof, repairs to the shingles on the walls, water damage, new flooring throughout, a new kitchen, new bathrooms, a few new windows, a well and septic to take care of. And talk of installing propane water heater, stove, and heaters. What have I gotten myself into?! ha!

Today's goal once we get the keys is to clean up enough to move in and to get the well water turned on. Oh did I mention it's been empty for 6 years?

On a side note as you may have guessed this will be an intermission from our travel blog to a home reno blog for a while. But stay tuned we've got lots of adventures coming up to share!

Once we're in and settled a bit (with actual proper internet) I'll post a few pics of the house.