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Saturday 23 December 2017

Dunes at the Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park

Stop # 10 on our Roadtrippers map was the Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park where we found the largest dunes in the western USA.

20171220 115305

They were, well, impressive!

We hung out there and hiked up and down a few dunes for a couple of hours and it was the most work I’ve done in a long time! hahaha I was so tired afterward from pushing sand. It was great!

Mum chilling on one of the blow outs on top of a dune waiting for me to catch up. 20171220 115224

And finally here is a photo dump of the dunes!

20171220 111607
The Dunes gave us our third rainbow in three days! 
20171220 112017
The view down from the top of the first dune we climbed. Before mum and I parted ways. She took a lower route while I hacked bushes to climb the biggest one in sight!

Views from the top.

20171220 114027
20171220 114030  
20171220 114032  
20171220 114035  
20171220 114037  
20171220 114040  
20171220 114043  
20171220 114149  
20171220 114309  
20171220 114312


20171220 114734 There’s mum wandering along the top of the adjacent dune.|

20171220 114740

20171220 114803
It was interesting to see how the wind would carve big grooves into the dunes at different intervals. 
20171220 114947  
20171220 114950
And of course the ever present ocean! 

Next we headed to Coos Bay’s Walmart for the night. Just down the street we found a local pub Gooney’s Sports Bar just down the street. It was the classic the music stops and everybody looks at you when you walk in but it took mere minutes before we were at home and having a great time until the wee hour of 9pm before we wandered home and I tried to get us lost but really just took the long way around.

Our view for the night: 20171220 074318

Next is the trek to Crescent City and the redwood forest.

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