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Tuesday 8 October 2019

Having moved and moving the Blog

Well We've moved to Saint John!

It's was hectic to say the least and I don't have any pictures of the big day. Mum drove a, fully loaded, 36' U-Haul from Newellton to Saint John. It was almost totally full. I had no idea we had so much stuff... 
Hurricane Dorian nailed the house in Newellton and took off shingles, blew off the deck rail, twisted the front door in its frame, and to my total amazement lifted the well cap off the well and blew across the yard. So I had to make an insurance claim which a full month later I'm still waiting for the adjuster to approve a price so I can get George and the gang in there to *at least* fix the roof. Somebody please buy the house already OMG! But ugh whatever its no happening till spring now.

On another note we're in Saint John now and loving our new home! It's comfortable and everyone is so so so so so friendly. It was totally the right move. Mum is already into the quilting and sewing guild. there's not much to do in the new house right away. A few things need to happen like replacing the plumbing at some point but it'll have to wait till there cash flow again. 

Carl settled in
I've been looking for a job. Not as successfully as I had hoped; mind you its only been a month so I'm not perturbed yet.  I've decided with all my new found spare time that I am going to start a web hosting service. Something I'm good at! There's a bunch of stuff to do before I start marketing and one of those things is revamping the website and this blog. I'm not getting rid of our blog, though 😅, just moving it to a new address (for Terry 'n Tyler's Adventures). The move will occur in the next few weeks. Meanwhile I will be revamping the main site as TikiWiki is, well, a bit tacky looking.

Sam settled in but still complaining about life in general
It's going to be pretty quiet for the next while so there probably won't be much in the way of updates here for a while. Maybe over X-Mas I'll use my points to take us on a tropical vaca.

I need to walk around and take pics to post of our new home as well!

PS: I almost forgot the shameless sales plug😝: If you are looking for or know someone that's in need of a web hosting solution let me know!