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Friday 5 January 2018

Nevada High Desert

We stayed at the back of the Tonopah Frontier Station Casino in their slightly tilted paved RV sites for 2 nights and enjoyed their WiFi.  Which was about the only thing good about the place (oh forgot this was the cheapest spot we had found to date at $27.00 a night).  We are so unaccustomed to public places that allow smoking that just to walk into the place was an assault to the senses.  The bathrooms were also appalling. If we hadn’t really needed a shower I think I would have done without.  But Tyler was able to get the work for the school done that he needed and that was the important thing.

Tonopah NV  

Leaving Tonopah we headed east on Highway #6 and then onto the Extra-terrestrial Hwy and had a blast.  Stopped at the Little Al E Inn restaurant and pub for lunch, chatted up the waitress and even left a jar of rhubarb strawberry jam with her.  The place is a hoot and lots of paraphernalia to look at and buy.

Little Ale Inn NV  

Little Ale Inn Bar NV  

Then off to see the black mailbox; which wasn’t there.  Just the cement block it used to be in, I think.  We were disappointed that after all these years it was gone. 

Tyler Disappointed That Black Mail Box Gone    Tyler walking away disappointed the black mailbox was gone.

There was a lot of litter everywhere and Tyler even found a pom-pom.  Too funny.  But I was excited that in it’s place was a Joshua Tree forest. 

Joshua Tree 2  Joshua Trees 

Then a beautiful drive through the high desert with the highest elevation we crossed was 6522’.  That is up there and amazingly higher than most of the mountains in British Columbia.

Yesterdays Road  Yesterdays road into Horney’s Rest Stop.

We ended stopping at a BLM site called Horney’s Rest Stop. OMG it was perfect. 

Tyler Looking Down Ridge   Tyler overlooking the desert from ridge above camp.

A bit bumpy on the way in but then we found a flat spot, set up camp and went for a hour long walk out into the desert.  When we got back to the RV, got out a few beers and the camp chairs; let the kitties out for a quick snoop which they loved and proceeded to watch the sun go down and a faint pink take over the sky. 

Kitties Checking Out The Desert   Carl and Sam checking out the new spot.......a little bit of freedom.

Then it happened the full moon rose over the hills and lit the camp site up.  It was magical.  The perfect high desert night and not a soul around. 

Moon Rising 1   Full moon rising.

The next morning was breakfast, 2 more hikes up onto the ridges and lots of photos. 

Horney's On Ridge  

We saw Jack rabbits, lots of cactus and Joshua Trees, birds and a lot of rocks. Tyler was excited as he thought he found a bit of gold but it was only pyrite. 

A beautiful day of hiking, afternoon nap and watch the moon rise for a second night.  We just had to stay 2 nights.  A great spot to just relax and wind down.

Tyler Outcrop  

Ok we got up on the third day, the sun shining and decided to stay an extra day.  It was wonderful.  We walked up to the ridge that followed the base of the mountain, took more pictures of cactus, rocks and desert things.  Spent about 2.5 hours wandering around and headed back to camp.  We then let the kitties wander around for a few hours and now they are pooped and hopefully not wandering around all night.  They had a great time. 

Tomorrows Road   Tomorrows road.

Tyler and I sat in the sunny, sheltered side of Furgy (the RV) and had an afternoon cocktail and watched the sky get dark and moody.  One of the most relaxing and beautiful days since we left the city. 

But alas, Tyler won’t let me stay one more day as we are out of coffee milk and getting short of supplies.  On the road again. Lol

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