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Friday 22 December 2017

Heading to Newport

After the crazy sleep at the Blue Heron French Cheese Company (we were angled just right for those winds to rock the RV at 3 am) we got up and made our way down the 101 to Newport.

Our morning view from our way out in the open after a wind and rain storm:

20171219 081031 Morning view Blue Heron French Cheese Company 20171219 081007 Morning view Blue Heron French Cheese Company 20171219 081015 Morning view Blue Heron French Cheese Company

It was actually a very nice spot out of the way and the people at the Blue Heron French Cheese Company were very friendly and we chatted for quite a while (Not being able to escape from their station helped lol).

But after having our coffee and breakfast we carried on down the road towards Newport, OR.

Once there we settled down at Walmart for the night. Picked up some supplies... Not sure if this parking lot thing is saving us or costing us by being right next to shopping! ;-P

We wandered down towards the ocean for a walk along the shore and lo! As we came around the corner we were presented by a beautiful rainbow! 20171219 142656 Newport rainbow It was fully clear and all the bands were perfectly clear. And the amazing thing, to me at least, was how close we were to the base of the rainbow. I’ve never seen one so close!

The beach was a standard sand beach. Lots of broken shells and a few sand dollars (Cue neat factoids here) but nothing too exciting until the wind picked up and started shifting the sands. That was pretty cool.

Sands moving:

Classic cheesy silhouette of a random couple on a beach shot. 20171219 143510 Newport classic couple

Afterwards we headed up to the Best Western for dinner. Which I broke the mold and had a salad which was surprisingly good and way better than mums mediocre seafood platter that was just sad. So we went home and made popcorn for dessert. Much better!

I’m going to end the post here and carry on tomorrow with our next jump. It feels like it’s been very eventful and lots of things happened and I just can’t put it all on here at once with our really slooooowwwwww wifi connection. I’ve been at this for ages and it’s been a game of patience with technology today. But I (well I think mum is too) am having a blast being a total bum packing around not really concerned with where we make it other than to the next spot at the end of the day!

Till tomorrow, g’night!

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