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Wednesday 29 November 2017

It's official!! yahoo

It is official. The offer on the condo was approved and is a signed and sealed deal.  A big sigh of relief and now what.  The poor condo is a disaster area again as everything has to go. 

We have made a few trips to the motor home which is parked in a long-term parking area about 5 blocks from the condo.  The condo has no outside parking and I will definitely not be able to fit underground. So funny as I look like one of the typical bag ladies pushing my cart.  Cap on, rain coat on, and cart all lined with plastic as it has been pouring out the last few days.

But we are going.  Tyler is giving his notice today at work and that is always stressful.  He is in great spirits as I think he was really worried the deal would not go through.

Now I get to call all the family and friends to tell them about our big new adventure, my mom is going to cry wishing she could come, my one girlfriend is going to try to talk me out of it and the rest are going to be envious. Yesterday I started cleaning out all the food jars and putting things like sugar, salt, beans, and dry goods into plastic bags to be placed in labelled plastic containers.  Everything from here on will have to fit into the smallest space I can make.  As you can imagine my kitchen is a disaster with jars waiting to go into the dishwasher to be recycled. 

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.  I love organizing and am amazed at what you can get where.

So much to do in 13 days.  WOW.

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