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Wednesday 22 November 2017

Try to be positive

I always try to remain positive and in many circumstances, find it is best to say nothing than to rant and rave about the fact that life is not going my way.  Definitely the case for the last few weeks.  After 2 open houses and another this Saturday it does not look good for us #momandsonteam to be heading out any time soon.  There are all sorts of reasons, wrong time of year (November, December and January are to lowest for home sales), the sky is grey and it is raining…whatever the reason the gods are not smiling upon us to start on our journey of adventure.

If the condo does not have an offer or sell in the next week or 2 (so strange that here in Vancouver that if it does not sell in a month pull the listing for a few months.  In the rural areas of BC it is not odd to have your property or home listed for a year). 

On a positive note, we may be traveling across Canada in the spring which would be beautiful. 

It also gives us more time to daydream and search the internet for the perfect reno project when we get to where we are going.And to make us smile here is a beautiful sunrise from the other day in downtown New Westminster. 


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