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Tuesday 7 November 2017

We are RVing across the America’s. Yes!

I must admit that once the decision to work to travel was decided things started moving fast. The decision was made to look at areas across the country to find affordable an affordable housing market. We wanted to stay near the ocean so that meant going north or looking at the Maritimes. Having walked a few of the cliff trails in Newfoundland a few years ago; I fell in love with the rugged landscape and once we looked into the availability of affordable houses decided that that may just be the place to head to. Not necessarily Newfoundland but the eastern coast in general. It is also much closer geographically toward buying a catamaran. Which is our sailing vessel of choice; stable, set up for one or two too sail, .... but I digress. Of course in the progression of things and ideas next came “how are we going to get there”? We talked about moving vans, flying, driving, shipping our worldly possessions, just about every idea we could come up with. Figured out costs, time lines, checked the internet for ideas. We have 2 cats (Carl Segan and Sammy) so they had to be considered as we were not leaving them behind. I mentioned to Tyler that it was too bad we could not take a bit of time and see some of the country as well. Were we in a hurry? The answer was no we were not. So a RV is the mode of travel for the next few months. Not only will it give Tyler time to de-stress from work but by the end of it we will know if the mom and son (#momandsonteam) team are ready for the close quarters of sailing. We are RVing across the America’s. Yes!

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