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Saturday 11 November 2017

The purge is well worth the adventure.

What comes first? Downsizing! A lot! And then some more, and then a bit more after that and still we are going to have way to much stuff.Purging is a hard thing to know where to even start. When I had first moved from Nakusp a few years ago, moving from a 4 bedroom 4 bath to a 1 bedroom 1 bath purging had been hard. But after 4 garage sales, lots of donating and a few trips to the local dump the task was accomplished. I thought. Moving into the apartment on Hastings was a real shock. Everything piled in the center and OMG what do I do with it all. Most of it found its way into drawers and closets, cupboards and corners and although it was a little packed it all worked out. Moving in with Tyler 18 months later was a different story. All the big things had to go so I down sized again; sold all my books, donated lawn furniture, sent my swing home with my mom and kept only the basics for dishes. I still moved in Tyler’s with way to many things. So here we are again moving from a 1200sq.ft. apartment into less than 300sq.ft. RV is going to be amazing. It will be like going back to being 17. I remember being able to throw everything I owned and the cat into my old Chevy II and off I went. The Chevy just got a little bigger and a lot more comfortable, lol. A bit of purging turned into a bit more and a bit more again. It felt great once it started and became easier as the purge went. Every Sunday for the past 2 months Tyler and I took 2 carts to the Salvation Army (thank goodness it is only 3 blocks away) twice. Between Sundays I would have the 2 carts filled again. A lot of my fabric went to the Century House and to the Trout Lake Community Center and believe it or not I have just 2 boxes left of my favorites left. No more hording a stash that I am never going to get to. Over 10 boxes of fabric and notions sent to a good home where they can be used. The other big purge was my photos. Having 11 photo albums that I couldn’t remember the last time I took out to look at; I sat, had a cup (many over the weeks) and scanned all of my old photos, by date, into the computer. It was an awesome thing to do. I’d forgotten a lot of things and places and people over the years. I was so nice to remember everything. Some a little sad but the majority was fun, laughter, and good friends. I still have no idea how we are going to fit the things into an RV that we both would like to take and I am sure it is going to take a lot of compromise along the way. It is so exciting to think that I get to do a dream come true and live like a gypsy for the next few months. No rush, no time table, and most of all visiting a few of the places I have always wanted to see. The purge is well worth the adventure.

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