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Friday 3 November 2017

Starting the adventure of a life time

This is where the short term goal comes in.  With the house market in Vancouver being what it is, it is hard to find affordable housing. Even homes that need a little help are out of reach for most buyers unless you have a huge mortgage and 25 to30 years in which to gain equity in your home.  I would really like to be on a boat traveling before I hit 85, so we needed a more realistic game plan.

Tyler has been at the same job for over 10+ years with little chance of advancement (until someone retires) and has dreamed of being self sufficient for years.  When he (and he will, I have much faith in my son) creates an on line software development/systems management business ( we can travel.  So he has been busy in his spare time doing just that.  Getting things set up and ready for the near future. 

After much discussion of how and when, the decision was made to just do it; enough talking and let’s do it.  The very worst thing that could happen is we bomb and have to go to dig ditches (do people still do that? lol) to get started again.  About a month ago I started painting and fixing to get Tyler’s condo into the selling market.  We (#momandsonteam) replaced vanities, lights, faucets, any and everything to modernize the apartment.  Redid cupboards in side and out, sanded doors, replaced window coverings and even built real closet space with shelving and 3 clothes rods in Tyler’s walk in closet. 

Cupboards being re-purposed. Doors off.
Cupboards being re-purposed. Doors off.


Cupboards finished.  They look great.
Cupboards finished. They look great.


The condo goes on the market next week.

I am so excited to get started on the adventure of a life time.

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