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Friday 17 November 2017

A classic case of getting my hopes higher that reality

The problem of getting all hyped up about things is that they never seem to go the way you want.  I know for some people it seems to go according to their plans but for some of us, it is a struggle.   We had hopes that the condo would sell right after the first open house and it looked great.  We had over 40 couples come to look.  Many requested the condo minutes and all the applicable papers and inquires.  But no offers; makes you want to cry.  A classic case of getting my hopes higher that reality dictates.   Good news is we are having another this Saturday and try it again.  Our realter assures us that the price is correct, matches the surrounding market of condos and is actually larger than the average.  Here are a few photos of our condo courtesy of Pixilink.



If we lower the price it will mean no trip across the Americas but a relatively quick trip across Canada to find our next renovation project.  Still holding on to the ultimate dream of buying a catamaran with in the next 5 years. So still keep your fingers crossed and I will make sure the place looks awesome and clean and bright for one more open house.  

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