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Monday 27 November 2017

OMG It is now reality!

An offer on the condo came through the other day, was countered, was countered again and was accepted.  This was on the same morning Tyler and I were off to see an RV we found listed in the local buy and sell.  The new owners to be wanted a quick sign so here Tyler and I the middle of the last skytrain stop wishing each other good luck and a hug.  Tyler had to head back home  to sign the papers and I was off to see our new home by myself.  

I bought it.  A smaller 28’ Travelair , 2003 model in great shape.  By far the nicest I had seen and within our price limit.

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This will be our home for the next 3 to 4 months.  Now comes the crazy part.

Tyler signed the papers and we have to be out in 17 days.  17 days!!... so glad that we have been purging and prepairing for this moment for the last 3 months as even now I am looking around and thinking  -  what are we going to do with all these things.  Life is going to be a worle wind but amazingly enough we are going to be on the road by our hoped date of Dec 15th.  Now if the weather gets all straightend out by then I’m hoping we can time it to have a pleasent  leisurely tripdown the coast.  There is a lot to see.



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