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Tuesday 14 November 2017

Hoping that everyone has their fingers crossed

The open house viewing went very well this past weekend and we find out from our realter the offers and where we are going from here.  I will be so glad to have the stress of not knowing finished with.  All the hard work to get everything in order for the open house will come to fruit (what a saying) tonight.  If there is a large enough offer this weekend we are off to look at motorhomes and start the planning for the big adventure across the America’s.  If not, we hunker down, try not to get depressed, work our little butts off and try for plan B.  Go plan A!!

Anticipation is a funny thing and I hate waiting.  To the point that if I have to stand in line for any more than 15 minutes; I don’t. lol So having to wait 2 days is painful.The funny thing is then we will have a very short amount of time (a few weeks) to deal with the remainder of the purge items….. a whole apartment full of furniture, keepsakes and food stores.  All of which will come together once we buy the RV.  A good measure of the RV space will be necessary to figure out what comes and what goes.  A lot of the little things are done and checked off the list.

  1. Passports up to date
  2. Kitties vaccines up to date.  I like to call them the Kitty passports
  3. Drivers licences up to date
  4. Phone providers figured out and ready to go
  5. Alternative Post office arrangements.  This one was a hard one and one that we gave a lot of thought to.  We opted to have all post stopped for the next 4 months which means letting everyone know not to send to the New West address.  Insurance, credit cards, investments, mom.  Every piece of mail you now receive needs to be stopped.  The reason we picked this option was that most of what we deal with now is paperless and notices arrive via email.

So here is hoping that everyone has their fingers crossed and prayers are in order.  The next post should be a yeah we are going……

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