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Tuesday 28 May 2019

Upstairs is done!

 Just another week of sanding, painting, mudding, and more sanding (Not necessarily in that order :p)...

Another short one this week. Mostly just finishing the upstairs and downstairs landings. The upstairs is done. All the tiles, wallpaper, and painting! There's still a few little details to be done but nothing major. 

Mum did a really cute fish stencil along the upstairs landing which really finished off the floor and distracts from the imperfections in the floor.

Meanwhile the guys are still at it on the outside....

They are still doing a great job and are onto the last wall... Looks like they might actually beat us before we finish the last two rooms but they've still got a few days of work to go so we'll see...

Today we started on the last two rooms. They are kind of such a disaster and will take pictures for next week. But mum got most of the mudding done already today and I managed to finish getting the trim for the windows all cut. Need to take them outside for a good sanding and paint. We totally picked the wrong wood for the trim but it will look great by the time we're done with it! 

It's actually starting to get nice enough we can move the construction site back outside. Meanwhile Frost warnings are still being issued for the area. Ha summer is a myth in these parts.... *skip a month and I'll be lamenting the heat* 

That's it for this week. See you next week! 


  1. Wow!! Things are really coming along there. The house looks great. Love the school of fish headed down the stairs. But,...I figure it would be full blown SPRING there. Frost warnings?? What the hell. Boo.

    1. I know the locals keep telling me that they dont have 4 seasons. Only 2 Winter and summer. Just think another 2 weeks and we should be all done. Yeah.