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Tuesday 14 May 2019

Soo... much... dust! OMG sanding! That's all I have to say about that. It's become impossible to contain! Even the vacuum has packed it in! (Well not completely. It just goes a few minutes before turning itself off) I just cleaned the darn thing and its already pooped. Mind you I am really impressed with the abuse it has taken. It's been an amazing vacuum and I think the next time I clean it it'll be right as rain. 

 Meanwhile as the guys pulled shingles off one of the walls we found some old linoleum from inside that they were using instead of tar paper. Oh those kooky people! But it did the trick for years and years so whatever just slap some new paper over it and shingle away!  

 Which is looking great by the way... Except at the rate we're going we might finish the inside before they finish the outside, haha j/k! 

Meanwhile we've been inside busily working on the hallway and staircase. 
We tiled the upstairs ceiling with polystyrene tiles. Man they work great at covering up the disaster that was the ceiling. 

And on the large wall we glued up tissue paper to give it a funky stucco like look. I really like it so we're going to do the lower landing entirely in that style.
You can't really see the board on the bottom where mum is standing on over the staircase.


 We're a couple of days behind schedule this week. I was hoping to have it done today but there's still a lot of painting and wallpapering to do before we move to the next room. But we needed to take a few rest days. Oh and a quick trip to Yarmouth for Mother's Day Chinese food. I miss Vancouver Chinese food... Well back to painting. :-)

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