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Tuesday 2 April 2019

Upstairs bathroom... still

Been busy in the bathroom still plodding along. We managed to get the sink and all the plumbing finished Woo hoo! No more plumbing jobs! (Well except the sump pump ditch at some point)

The vanity took a bit of finagling as I had to cut a slot down the back for the pipes to fit. It was easier than re-plumbing the whole room with the pipes inside the walls like they're supposed to be.

The Vanity looks great and it's nice to have it all up and running again. Due to the size of the wall and the weird angle it runs we had to offset the mirror from the vanity which looks a little odd but its a huge improvement from what was there. And on the right you can see the new trim I installed around the door and as a divider for the tiles. I have just about finished installing all the new trim; just the gap below the window seat between the bath and the vanity. but before I can do that I have to build a box to fit around the end of the bath tub to hide all of the pipes. We're going to paint the bath tub copper coloured and leave the side open with two panels on each side cut to fit. It should be an interesting project. It's so funny yesterday I was having a bad day and just struggled to get the trim on the inner frame of the window. But today was a different story. Feeling renewed I managed to do more in an hour than all day yesterday. Go figure some days are just write offs. Oooh and once that's all done it's just caulking and a paint touch-up and the bathroom is complete! 

Meanwhile mum has been hard at work removing wallpaper, sanding, and prepping the first bedroom before painting. You can sort of see the first coat of paint is on the ceiling and the door. We had a discussion about painting the wood trim but it's just so dark that it looked... um... depressing. Fresh paint just brightens things up!

This week is the finishing the bedroom and bathroom before moving onto the next bedroom and finishing upstairs. Time to get the show on the road already!

Oh and one last thing... The forecast is calling for up to 70 mm of rain tomorrow. So we'll see if all that hard work I put into the basement did any good. I just finished dismantling the space heater and dehumidifier and cleaning them up from the last rain disaster. But at least there's nothing below ground level to get destroyed anymore. 

Super excited the end is nigh... Till next week!

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