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Tuesday 9 April 2019

More Bathroom and first bedroom

One wonders how the time can fly by so fast and it seem like not much is getting accomplished. When really we've been plugging away at the upstairs bathroom and the first bedroom for what seems like forever! Mind you they look great. The bathtub is almost finished. The last piece of baseboard was attached to the bottom of the tub. Tomorrow morning I can remove the bars holding it into place and then all that will be needed to mark the bathroom as done is some caulking and a final paint job! 

The box for the tub loosely fit and waiting to be glued. 
Everything is glued and bars are being used to hold everything in place while the glue sets.

Meanwhile mum has been working hard painting the ceiling and walls after so very many hours of scraping the paint and wallpaper off the walls. Oh and don't forget the last inhabitant had darts so there were dozens and dozens of little hols all over the walls and trim that had to be filled. It's been a slog but this is the worst bedroom of the three so hopefully the next two will go much quicker. We went with "Trash Can Grey" which is a very nice colour despite it's name. haha.

It's a bit dark sorry 'bout that. 

The doors we initially painted white but after a heavy sanding and 3 coats the yellow from the stain was still bleeding through so we decided to paint the doors grey as well and I am really happy to say they look brilliant! I managed to sneak some painting in there before she took the roller away from me! 😜
Trash can Grey walls all painted

Today I sanded the floors of the bedroom and it's attached sitting room. It took about hours to do but holy moly my arms and legs are so sore! Like noodles! I totally zoned out on Wrongworld this afternoon and almost didn't make it to the blog! But we're here now so it's all good. Still on my once a week schedule. *pew*
Just about done.
All done! Pew that's dusty!

Tomorrow we clean up the dust now that it's had time to settle. Then to paint the floor. Mum has picked out a nice and easy stencil to go on the floor after it's been painted. Something subtle. Hopefully next week I can show off the finished bath and bedroom. And double hopefully by this time next week we'll be finishing up the second bedroom!

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