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Tuesday 23 April 2019

Bedroom Number 2 Done.

 Last week was spring cleanup week and look out we had a LOT of stuff to curb! It was awesome, though, as the next day after putting it out (what was left over as passers by had finished picking through) the garbage trucks came by and took it all away. It was quite organized as each truck took a particular type of waist until all that was left was the poor water heater. Just until the final truck swung by and picked it up as well.

Heh even after cleaning up a ton of garbage floating around outside including two bathrooms worth of appliances and two fairly substantial piles of wood the house still looks like an episode of hoarders on the inside. Mind you it's getting better and in the next week the third bedroom will be done which will clean up all the stuff piled up in the hallways. 

Mum had a day out on Thursday to a quilters gathering in Shelburne and poor Sam was so concerned that she was leaving forever he parked himself on top of her lunch bag to make sure she wasn't going to forget him! She had a good time and maybe even made a few friends. 

I on the other hand spent most of the day on the phone finding new car insurance as my old broker took so long 'waiting' for a new quote that my insurance expired. Good thing I didn't have to drive anywhere! So annoyed but after finding a new broker my insurance bill went from about $2000 last year to just under $900 with a CAA membership included. Yikes! shoulda called them first. 

Meanwhile between all these goings on we managed to sand, repair, and paint room number two! Which means tomorrow I move into the newly finished room and start sanding the last bedroom! 

With the end in site I've been thinking about what I want to do when I grow up... heh heh I mean what's next? So far nothing super exciting has come up. Thrown a few ideas around but mostly trying to find something that will be satisfying long term and not kill either of us (like the large list of manual labor items waiting for us). We'll get there eventually. There's still some time but better start looking now. I think mum is hanging back quietly waiting to see what I come up with...

PS... I hear people are having problems making comments on the blog. Comments are limited to users with Google accounts and used to be based on Google+ which they have been phasing out. Which means all the old comments before April 2019 are gone. 😣 
So to comment you need to be signed into a Google account and if prompted for third party cookies on this site you can accept them as they are needed for the commenting process (It's a funky way of handing it but that's how Google rolls). Don't get me started on cookies... There's way too much bad publicity over cookies and for the most part they are actually a good thing. 
If you try to post a comment and it gives you an error please let me know and send me a screen shot. I'd be happy to see! tyler <at>

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  1. The comments are working again. The bedrooms look great and even though Tyler's mom is very stiff and sore, it is so nice to have clean and crisp rooms to sleep in. Another month and we should have the inside all done. Then I'm going to sit out on the deck and enjoy a good book and perhaps a margarita or two.