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Tuesday 16 April 2019

Oh look... more sanding, mending, mudding, sanding, and painting!

Just a quick one this week. It's mostly just more of the same as last week. Sanding, mending trim, mudding, sanding, and painting! we've gotten one room finished and mum is working on the next little room while I've been busy sanding the next room down and getting the trim all fixed up. 

Mum spent a few days stenciling the floor of the first bedroom but it looks amazing even if its super time consuming!

Meanwhile here's a shot of the sub floor I had to cut for the second bedroom closet. It was just a tiny bit too big so a quick trim and it fit like a glove!

Cut to size.. almost

We were originally going to drywall a false wall over the pipes to hide them but with the time it'd take we decided to just paint them the same colour as the wall and carry on. 

Right now the upstairs hallway is like an episode of hoarders and it's a nightmare. But it's only because the rooms are empty while we prep them. 

Today we didn't actually get any work done on the house as we had to drive to Yarmouth to get tires changed and a servicing. Mum was joking maybe I should keep the winter tires on as we drove into rain and wind on the way in! I was supposed to get the undercoat done today but with the weather being so wet they recommended I wait. I have to say the Kia is really great at taking care of my car and making sure I'm happy and they have really reasonable pricing which I was pleasantly surprised coming from a dealership.

It's junk week this week do tomorrow we're hauling all our dead appliances and junk to the curb for pickup. It's funny if there's anything interesting in the pile somebody will have it picked out and gone in less than an hour. It's good to see... that whole reuse thing....

Till next week!

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