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Tuesday 15 May 2018

A House to be had

We've finally got a place to call home and are moving in today! It's all very exciting! Lots of exclamation points!!!
The house (and my new used car)
We've been spending the last three weeks in a Campground along Upper Clyde River. Ruth and Fred were gracious enough to allow us to stay there a solid two weeks before they were open which was amazing! I can't imagine wandering the area in RV from parking lot to parking lot with no power for three weeks. Heh, I can see why the province doesn't open until mid May. On our second night in the RV park it froze hard enough to freeze the water line from the tap to our RV. Thankfully the hose we use is flexible enough to handle it and didn't break under the ice. Internet was, well, non-existent. Even the cell phones wouldn't work unless you stood in just the right pose. But We're now parked in our new back yard! I've got 4 bars on my phone and can make a post finally! And Eastlink is showing up in a couple of days to hook us up with 100 Mbps Cable. I haven't had home internet so fast!

It's been a lot off excitement and a lot of down time. Poor mum is very impatiently waiting for the green light to get into the house. Atlantic time is a lot like Kootney time. Nothing happens fast around here and you need to give a lot of gentle nudges here and there to keep things going. Speaking of I have to call my car insurance place, again. 

Ooh and our new place is oceanfront property! There's a cranberry bog and bushes between us and the ocean but we plan to clear a path down. It's also really neat here as the fog is a common occurrence and even this morning I woke up to a nice fog bank and couldn't see the other side of the inlet; or even a few houses down. It didn't stick around this morning and has already almost totally lifted. 
Our ocean front view
Oh and here's my new used car! She's been great and I've really enjoyed driving her around. I have plates and our drivers licences are in the mail... Official Nova Scotians! 
My new Car! A Kia Rondo (I call her Lucy)

 It's going to be a busy next few weeks as we clean up the house and get renovations started. We have lots to do as she needs a new roof, repairs to the shingles on the walls, water damage, new flooring throughout, a new kitchen, new bathrooms, a few new windows, a well and septic to take care of. And talk of installing propane water heater, stove, and heaters. What have I gotten myself into?! ha!

Today's goal once we get the keys is to clean up enough to move in and to get the well water turned on. Oh did I mention it's been empty for 6 years?

On a side note as you may have guessed this will be an intermission from our travel blog to a home reno blog for a while. But stay tuned we've got lots of adventures coming up to share!

Once we're in and settled a bit (with actual proper internet) I'll post a few pics of the house.

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