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Monday 21 May 2018

Getting Comfortable

Well we have been cleaning like mad! There's a lot of decay in an empty house that collects over 6 years but we've almost cleared it out. Pulled up the carpets, vacuumed the floors, washed the floor and walls, and scrubbed and scrubbed. Oh and had my first experience with turning on the water for a well system. It was actually a lot easier than I thought; just remove the screw on the top and add water till its full then turn it on but don't forget to put the screw back (whoops its a fountain!) and the little drain screw on the bottom. Surprisingly it all turned on and pressurized the house (well after I ran around frantically turning all the taps in the house off).

On another note on night two the front door magically opened up sometime in the middle of the night and the kitties wandered off. Poof gone we hung around all day calling them talking to neighbors but of course no results! We left the doors propped open all day and that night right after dark guess who popped in meowing to announce his arrival! Sam! Of course he's starving and headed right to the food dish having checked us out. So here we are excided to see him wondering where Carl is and mum headed outside to call him when I saw him out the window well of course he sees me and heads right for the window trying to jump up to get in. I can't open the window (has to be replaced) so I'm yelling at mum that he's there so she can grab him. Looks like they hung pretty close to each other all night and hunkered down someplace for the day so they could wait for the safety of darkness before returning home. 
Makeshift lock to make sure they can't escape again
 Needless to say they were very happy to home! Mum used the old knife in the doorframe to keep the door locked. But down't worry I've ordered new knobs for the all the doors. Meanwhile the kitties have a lot of exploring to do:
So many exciting things to check out

I've got the entertainment center set up and amazingly enough my 70" TV survived being strapped to the headboard of my bed in the motor-home for 5 months. And finally, internet! 100 Mbps internet which is really surprising for being in such rural area.
The IT Crowd, watch it, understand, & enjoy!

Our new washer/dryer stacking combo arrived today and we packed the old ones to the curb and no more than ten minutes later someone was hauling them onto their tuck. It was awesome!

Tomorrow we're off to the big city of Yarmouth to check out Ye Olde Stove Shop and see about a propane heating system...

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  1. Hi Stranger, I can't believe you have landed in Nova Scotia, my old stomping grounds. Looks like you and your mom have quite the task ahead of you in fixing up that house, though you can't knock a ocean front view. You wanted a quieter pace of life and it looks like you will definitely find it there. Love the IT Crowd on that red wall, I'm touched you have it on display. We miss you here at work, it's not the same without you. XOXO