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Wednesday 18 April 2018

Back to Canada!

It's been quite the adventure the last four months... I can't believe it's been four months already! But here we are back in Canada. We actually got in four days ago through St. Stephen. It was probably the least intense border crossing I have ever been through. The officers were very nice and helpful. We did find out its only $800 Canadian per trip (after 48 hours) that can be declared not per month so we were a bit over but the duty was less than $50 so we were happy. Ooh and of course after crossing the border the road was practically empty! And lots of wildlife including a bobcat that was walking along the side of the TransCanada highway as we drove into Nova Scotia. I was impressed! We've been zipping around Nova Scotia the last few days looking at places to fix up. It's been really nice to get back into Canada and even Sam is getting tired of all our driving around. Today as we were driving out of Digby heading to Yarmouth he started to howl in protest and sat at the side door wanting to go out. Well we looked at the closest park we could find but of course the whole province is still closed for winter haha so all he got was to step out on a parking lot behind the mall  And even though it was busy and they didn't get to go very far out seems to have appeased him for the time being. Mind you we did abandon them last night for a motel room with a real bed and a hot shower which didn't help their mood this morning. Poor little guys! Oh and then I dropped the French press on the floor and shattered coffee and glass all over my shoes... What a disaster  Finding a replacement has been challenging as everyone carries the smaller kind but we settled for a pour over coffee pot for the time being which actually makes a pretty good cup.

Well off to rent a car and drive down the coast to see a few more places.  I'm hopeful one of the properties will be a real gem waiting for us!
A view of the Bay of Fundy just south of Digby. 

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