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Sunday 27 May 2018

So many things to do

Yesterday I finally said "stop" and did just that for the weekend.  So I putt'sed around for the day and got my little work room all set up and Tyler's bedroom curtains made.
My new work space.  Waiting to be painted come winter.

There was an beautiful old velvet bedspread that I washed and thought I would like on my bed but after trying it for a night decided it was just too heavy and it made great black-out drapes for Tyler instead.  I'll post photos of them after Tyler gets the curtain rods up and we can show them off properly.

Over the last 2 weeks we have done a lot of cleaning and figuring out where everything goes, and how (or if) everything works.  We have a bit of a mystery going on with the upstairs shower.  No water.
The mystery shower

The bath tub fills, the toilet works as does the sink but not the shower.  I know it did at one time as I cleaned all the old soap residue off of it when we first moved in.  Tyler and I have both checked everywhere for a shut off valve to no avail. From the basement up... no shutoff taps.
Look! the stain glass piece made it and looks great in the
bathroom window.

Thinking they are in the ceiling of the dining room but until we can take off the ceiling tiles we just wont know.  I think we will move the lines to go around and under the tub when we redo the upstairs bathroom.  And put the shut off valves where they can be found.

I think we finally have a roofer coming in 2 weeks to re shingle the roof.  That will be awesome and a big piece of mind taken care off.  Most of the contractors here where busy until fall; so here is to hoping that the fellow does a great job and we will not have to worry about a leaky roof over the summer.

But I must say it is beautiful sitting here in the mornings looking out onto Barrington Passage with coffee in hand.  Watching the fishing boats go out.  The crab boat collect his traps and all of the sea birds coming and going.

Fishing boats

Tyler even managed to take a picture of a deer waking through the yard.
Deer in the front yard.

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  1. Love the old porcelain sink and the stained glass piece fits perfectly! And I see the sewing machine has found a perfect spot. Beautiful day on the ocean! Starting to look like home!