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Monday 5 March 2018

New Orleans

Feb 27/18   - Moving out of New Orleans was a god send.  I don’t think either Tyler or myself slept for the whole 7 nights we were there.  The RV Park that we chose may have been very affordable but there were many reasons why it was not the place to be.  Number 1, it was right beside a Daiquiri hot spot (New Orleans has a thing for daiquiris and you can buy them everywhere) that the party buses would come to and boom box for hours.  This meant it was a favorite place for every local kid (or not so kid) to bring their hot cars and boom boxes to party in the parking lot.  Which was 20 feet behind our RV spot; with lots of really bad loud base, revving engines, squealing tires, and sirens. Lol
Number 2, the bathroom.....omg do people not realize how bad their bathrooms are?? I took a bucket of sanitizer in and sprayed the shower down just so we could use it.  Just don’t touch anything.  I know it was a unisex bathroom/shower and that a lot of working men used it but really folks??
The best part about the RV place was that the restaurant (Smily’s) beside it was great.  Lots of good food, very affordable and cheerful staff.  The pecan waffles and chicken (served together) was my favourite on the menu and perfect for breakfast with enough left over for lunch or a snack after coming home from downtown.
Band playing at 11am next to the market
 We did have a wonderful time down town on the 4 days we caught the bus down and spent the day.  

We ate, drank and walked all over the French Quarter.  

Music everywhere
Strolled down Bourbon Street and found great little pubs in many of the back streets.  

Bourbon Street was $19.50 for 2 beers but 2 blocks off either way and you could find wonderful little places with $4 or $5 beers.
Meeting the locals

We ate alligator, Cajun craw fish, blackened fish, steak, the worst plate of nachos ever.  

1922 Street Car

We talked to everyone, got a little tipsy, and rode the oldest street car (96 years old. 
Put into service 1922) to the Garden District and drooled over all the beautiful southern houses and mansions.  
Riding the street car

Houses along the street car route

Wonderful and very fun lady we met
on the street car
Beautiful and so well kept

We walked the outdoor markets, walked the river walk, did a little shopping, and really enjoyed all the street bands and music.  
Hard to choose which ones to post

Tyler even had to pay a hustler $3 within the first 5 min of hitting the Quarter.  
5 min on Bourbon Street 

It was so funny but only happened once.

So my thoughts on New Orleans...... pay the extra and stay right downtown. 
The Swamp

For me, 4 days would have been perfect with enough time to see the Quarter and the Garden district.  
Mardi Grais tree

Try the local fare, walk the markets and enjoy the people.  

Hob Nob's Pub

Then go find a nice quiet place to sleep for a few days after.  You definitely won’t in New Orleans.

Even Sammy was pooped after New Orleans.

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  1. You didn't happen to notice any vampires wondering around the Garden District?
    Love the posts. Keep 'em coming! Cheers. C.