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Thursday 8 March 2018

Starting North

Mar 1/18 
NASA Manufacturing Plant
  We were both happy to be on our way again and looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet.  But first we had to stock up on groceries and a few staples.  

We drove the back roads out of New Orleans to get to the coast road Hwy 90 to stop at Walmart at Pass Christian, Mississippi. 
Sunrise over the Walmart parking lot.

A wonderful spot right across the hwy from the whitest sand beach I have seen in a long time, Long Beach.  
Pelicans at Long Beach

After doing our duty and stocking up we walked the beach for a few hours deciding to spend the night there.  Thanks again Walmart, you were a quiet and restful spot with a beautiful sunrise to greet the next day.

Very narrow bridge

Deciding to see some of the inland areas we wondered this way and that in an easterly direction on narrow roads, through swamps and flooded areas. 
Flooding Bayou in Arkansas 

Cotton fields

Picturesque Farms
Through beautiful farmlands to the Barkley State Park, which was full so Tyler found another about 40 miles away and we wandered this way and that until arriving at the Magnolia Wildlife Reserve.  
Lost shoes on the beach

Early morning at Magnolia Park

man made lakes at Magnolia Park

Furgy all tucked in for the night
 It was quiet and almost empty.
A very serious job, bird watching

Here is our harbor in the storm that we stayed at for 2 nights, slept, and rested, rode the bikes and got ready for the journey back towards Canada.

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