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Friday 23 March 2018

Petersburg Campground

March 21/18 Well we never made it to the brewery. 
Heading over the Appalachian Mountains 

Deciding instead that Furgy was much more important.  She needed an oil change, rear light replaced and the tires checked.  We drove an extra 40 miles to the Camping World in Henderson North Carolina then to the Walmart at Travelers Rest (yes this is the name of the town) for the night.  We had supper at a very good Mexican Restaurant just down the hill that sold the biggest pints of beer anywhere, 32 ounces.
When we parked at the Walmart parking lot the RV was a little tilted and in the morning a little worse so we drove around to the Walmart shop bay where the very nice staff filled our tires for us, no charge.  One of the dual tires in the back was totally flat and the other 20 lbs low.  So much for Camping world checking our tires for us!  I did call them and complain as it could have been disastrous if we would have had a blow-out on the highway doing 65 mph. So not only did they not check the tires but they did not fix the rear light either.  Not going to Camping World again!

Campsite 1

Then a short drive to Petersburg Campground (US Army Corp. of Engineers) on Thurmond Lake, Appling, Georgia, for a week.  We thought.  The campground here is lovely and affordable.  It was a good thing too.  
Campsite 1 view

With all the storms going on, on the north east coast we decided to stay an extra 2 days and give the journey north a try then.  Then with the 4th nor-easter hitting the northern coast we went up and paid for another week.  
Happy tethered kitties

We were moved to another site on a little peninsula for the second week right on the water.  
Campsite 2 view

I have loved it staying in one place for 16 days.  Tyler not so much as we have no cell service at the 2nd site and he has to bike to the boat ramp across the campground to check the mail and download anything he needs.
Tyler looking for bars

We have biked, walked, driven into Augusta, Georgia for a day.  We’ve laid around, relaxed, barbequed, walked the kitties and watched the otters play in the lake.  
on the trail....well resting!

Woke up in the middle of the night to rescue the outside table and chairs to the most beautiful sheet lightning storm I’ve seen in ages.  
Fellow travelers

Talked to the Canadian geese that come to visit us daily (they are waiting to fly home too).  
Wisteria growing wild

We’ve taken pictures of the flowers and trees.  

We’ve enjoyed the kitties on their daily walks and laughed at them watching the variety of colourful birds and grey squirrels. Played video games when it rains so hard we couldn’t go outside.  
Devil Scorpion

Tyler has been teaching himself to create creatures for gaming; I’ve been playing with resin and jewelry making.  
Local pond

We are content with waiting for the weather to change for our move north, and our new home for the next few years.
Having fun playing with my dremal 

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