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Wednesday 10 January 2018

Desert to City

Valley of the Fire; only one thing to say about it. WOW. 

20180105 110905  

Fire Valley Campground   We stayed in the RV campground for 2 days and roamed the bright red rocks.

20180105 101903   Hangin’ on.

Took so many photos and it is hard to not show them all. 

Fire Valley 4  

Fire Valley Tyler Nap Time   Nap time.

The formations and colors have no words to describe them. 

Fire Valley 6  

20180105 111115  

So, I am not going to say much and let the pictures talk for themselves. 

Fire Valley Tyler King Of The Castle   King of the Castle.

Fire Valley Tyler And Terry   Getting a little sun burnt.

We wandered and climbed to the top of the rocks, visited the petroglyphs, then relaxed our sore and tired muscles.

Fire Valley Petroglyphs 4  

On our way to Las Vegas we stopped to Visit the Hoover Dam. 

20180106 133318  

It was packed with people.  Having the RV we had to park way the heck up the hill and walk down to the dam itself. 

20180106 134537  

Still an amazing place even though there was little water in the reservoir and we were sure that the dam was not producing power. 

20180106 140919  

The new Freedom bridge that has been built over the dam was pretty impressive.  

20180106 141549  

Then came Las Vegas.  We did not plan it but made it to Vegas for Tylers birthday.  Which turned out pretty amazing on its own. 

20180109 071336   We woke to rain.

It rained, and then it poured and they are totally not ready for water in their city.

20180109 124956   River of water coming out of the Linq Parkade.

20180109 125126   Through the parking lot and all from 1.5” of rain.

We wandered around, saw a few of the sites, laughed at the fact that almost all the shows had been cancelled due to weather.  Even the inside ones.  The escalators were shut down, water (rivers) running down and through the parking lots. 

20180107 180246  Lazer show at Sam’s Town.

But we managed to have fun, have a few beers, and a awesome steak diner at the Yard House Pub (only place we found with lots to chose from and no smoking).

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