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Friday 1 April 2022

Major Disappointment

 We hit a snag.  I taking off the bottom sheathing of the north wall we discovered that the darn thing is hanging in the air.  The whole thing is shifted off the joists and the foundation and is being held up by the roof and the other two walls.  As well as the cinderblock extension portion of the building.  Blah!!

So the shop has turned into the wood pile and we will be tearing it down to the foundations.  What a lot of crap!!

We had to stop the roofers, cancel the doors and windows. Thank goodness they were able to do that or Tyler would have been storing them in his bedroom for a few months.

As the weather has been great we decided to take a short break from the "wood pile" and do yard clean-up.

All the rotten wood and debris from around the outside of the "wood pile" is filling up the dumpster at a fast rate.  We have have had to call for a take away to keep up with the yard clean-up.

Tyler is getting good at stuffing the dumpster to the brim.  

I managed to clip and prune the trees and bushes in the yard and what a pile.

Ok this one is small but you should see the other one, lol.

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