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Friday 22 April 2022


 OMG what a lot of things to take into consideration for tearing down a building.  

A demolition license for $25.00 and a minimum deposit for $250 in case we break something in the village.

Insurance was the big one but is required for the town license. $3,600.00 just for the demolition and another $2,000+/- for the liability insurance.

Then we could take down the building at our leisure and reclaim as much wood as possible.  Would take us all summer but could be done.  Tyler's woodworking shop would be put on hold for a lengthy amount of time using up his hard saved pennies.


We could hire the demolishers  for about $7,000.00. We are still waiting for a quote from them as we would like to remove a bit more wood as well as the old windows that we can use in our existing garage to add a little more light.  The problem with the demolishers is that they are not big on reclamation here we would not be able to save any of the existing timber.  But we would have a nice big flat space to start again.

One other cost is the moving of the electrical to a temporary post so we could still use for tool operation and to plug in the motorhome as the empty lot will become it's new home while we rebuild.  Cost of $525.00 (starting at) for SKtel to unhook and re-hook the lines.  Then the electrician  which we are still waiting for a cost will be at least $1,500.00 (at least) to put in a temporary outside box.

I know we got the property for a song but for all the excitement at start up reality has set in and all in all it will still be a pretty sweet piece of property in a great location.  Personally I am hoping for the demo guys and save my stiff and soreness for the rebuild which is going to bring its own set of permits and costs.

Poor old girl!! (me too, lol)

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