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Thursday 17 March 2022

Gutting almost all done.

 We are getting close to the end of the gutting part of the reno.  Another day or two and we can start the rebuilding of the shop.

A bit of cleanup and a few repairs to do, then begins the fun stuff.  I always enjoy the restoring more than the teardown.

We found an old window that had been covered up and had a great laugh over it.  Look at all that insulation, nicely stuffed into the window cavity and not a bit of insulation in the walls.  Way too funny!!

The floor was another hoot as so far we have found 3 different colors and styles of carpet and 2 of linoleum.  Even 1 of peel and stick tiles.


Next is the job of pulling all the nails in the ceiling and along the walls so we can put up the vapor barrier and drywall. I can feel my arms screaming already.  Oww.

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