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Friday 4 March 2022

Hard day at the Office

 It was a hard week this week but we sure got a lot done.

We managed to get the furnace out and the bathroom appliances removed as well.

The furnace came out a lot easier than we thought it would although the duck work is proving to be a different story.  So Next week up into the attic to take the remainder out.

The hood of the heater waiting to go outside.

Taking advantage of a few days of warmer weather we also managed to take the fiber board off the ceiling.  What a job.  Thank goodness for proper gear!!

The amount of crap that came out of the ceiling was amazing.  Even found a nest or two.  

I had the easy job of pulling it all down.  Give me a wreaking bar and a good hammer I can take down the world. lol  Tyler had the hard part of packing all that crap out to the dumpster.

Tyler was going a little crazy in the end!

Hot and tired after the two days.  Time for a beer and fry's.  Yeah!! 

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