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Wednesday 31 July 2019

It's been Awesome

I thinks my stiff and sore-ness has finally ebbed away.  No the only complaint I can use is my bum is sore from sitting and playing No Mans Sky all day. Ok I have been busy doing a few other things a well but not many.

Tyler and I have been driving out to a few hiking trails to try out and get a little exercise and came home to this beautiful sun set last week. 
Looking over Barrington Straight
But for most part we have fog (and I mean wet soupy fog) until about 2pm them lighter fog until 6pm then back to dense fog for the evening and night again.  One thing about it is that it makes Cape Sable Island a lot cooler than the mainland. Where they are having heat warnings we are having highs of 24C.  Not to be fooled though that sun is still hot enough to burn through as I learnt sitting out on the deck a few afternoons ago. 

Still having fun with acrylic pours and experimenting with colors.  Here are to 2 new pictures made this past week.
Used lots of silver

Dark and moody

Tyler has been busy job hunting and working on a new program.....  way over my pay grade.  I did apply for one drafting job but am not hopeful as being out of the work force for over 10 years does not make for a great resume.  But you never know.

We have also been house hunting in Saint John for the past while and am off tomorrow to look at a few that the realtor has set up for us.  Need one with a large enough room for a longarm again.  Although wont be able to afford one until this house sells.   Hopefully in a warm house in the city by winter. Fingers crossed.  

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