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Wednesday 10 July 2019

Hopes and dreams dashed... a consolidation and Before & After Pt. 3

Old Upstairs Hall
Upstairs Hall
Old Upstairs Hall (To 1)
Upstairs Hall (To 1)
Old Upstairs Hall (To 3)

Upstairs Hall (To 3)
Old Bedroom 1
Bedroom 1
Old Bedroom 2
Bedroom 2
Old Bedroom 2
Bedroom 2
Old Bedroom 2
Bedroom 2
Old Bedroom 3

Bedroom 3
Old Bedroom 3
Bedroom 3
Old Upstairs Bathroom Bath
Upstairs Bathroom Bath
Old Upstairs Bathroom Vanity
Upstairs Bathroom Vanity
Old Upstairs Bathroom Shower
Upstairs Bathroom Shower

Well this concludes our before and after series of our Newellton house renos! Its been quite an adventure and I have learned a lot about what goes into a house and not to be so afraid of hurting anything! It can be rebuilt. Better, faster, stronger!

its been up for 3 weeks now and so far two cancelled showings with one booked for either this or next Friday. I didn't think it'd sell right away but the lack of showings has me a bit discouraged 😔 but don't worry I'm not loosing hope yet! I just have to remind myself that we're not in the Vancouver market... things don't move as fast here.

Meanwhile we got papers for the Motorhome and had her on the road yesterday to get an inspection. The diagnoses: needs a new windshield to pass. For what she's been through and sitting here next to salty water for a year she is in amazing shape!

Meanwhile my little Kia popped out on me and needed new brakes and then the AC died. So they refilled it and I didn't made it 10 minutes on the highway before the condenser blew. Opened the hood and found grease everywhere (Which managed to get onto the windshield and wipers as well)! OMG so made an appointment to have it all cleaned up and fix the AC again. So yesterday I followed mum to the inspection place and on the way home we could smell burning and it got worse and worse. Pulled over. Opened the hood. Met with a billow of smoke. The friggen grease got everywhere including the drive belt. Thankfully it didn't light anything on fire and we gave it some time to cool down before limping back to Kia (It was a short distance thankfully).

They have been great and gave me a loaner car while it gets sorted out.

In conjunction with this we were doing a cost estimate on taking the motorhome on a full time vacation for a few months again... It would cost us over $5000 a month between the gas and finding places to stay. There is almost nowhere that's free unless you like parking lots. So mum popped into the sales manager and asked what kind of a trade in we could get. After a bit of negotiation we decided to trade in the Motorhome and car for a brand new Kia Soul. It was hard to decide to give up the motorhome but the cost of travelling around in her we can make smaller trips and stay in a nice hotel for way less. So in for a consolidation we're doing to drive around to Saint John, NB next week and stay downtown for 3 days.

Tomorrow we go back to Kia and say goodbye to the Furgs and pick up our new car. I'm getting a bit choked up sitting here writing about it...
There she goes happy as punch to be back on the road. 

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