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Friday 19 July 2019

Back from Vacation

Looking back at my photos we took virtually no pictures while on our trip. Oops 😶

We did, however, have a great time in Saint John, NB. We ended up going several days early and stayed up at the university residence summer hotel. Apparently that's a thing and if you are travelling and want to stay someplace on the cheap it can be a good option. Or not (later). The res was actually quite nice even if it lacked AC and was quite hot. But for $50 a night it was quite reasonable and the student staff were helpful and pleasant. We saw a couple of open houses (which is why we went early) and I totally found our next forever home! However chances are by the time this one goes it'll be gone too as it was a great catch. Oh well....

We stayed two nights at res before moving down to the Delta hotel in Uptown (which is down from everywhere but they call it uptown because in the olden days they had to walk 'up' a little hill from the shore to get to the shops and such). Huge improvement from res and with AC! haha. It's a pretty small city but there are lots of pubs and restaurants and has a fun vibe to it. Had a great time bar hopping and wandering around. 

Britt's Pub & Eatery Rockwood by the University

Made it to the Saint John reversing waterfall (Which should be called reversing rapids as the waterfall is underwater). It was cool. Talked mum into walking the 5 km to get up there which almost killed mum under the hot sun by the time we got up there. Had a pint and watched the water change direction before catching the bus back to uptown. 

After a few days of exploring we headed back towards home. We stopped in Amherst for breakfast and wandered around. It is a cool artsy place and surprisingly large for only 10,000. We had planned to stay in the Dalhousie Agricultural University in Truro but when we checked in it was smelly, hot and stuffy even with a window open so we handed the key back to the girl at the desk and continued home. It was kind of too bad as we had wanted to check out Truro but maybe next time. 

At least from Saint John to Home it's only about 6 ½ hours driving time so while a long day by our standards totally doable. The new Soul, which we've named Luna, was a pleasure to drive and I only really freaked mum out a few times! But there was no fist shaking or horns honking so I don't think I did too bad. 😝

Home was nice. Sad to be out of the city but so so happy to see the Kitties! Sam immediately was at the door "I want to go outside. I want to go outside! Like now, lets go!" So we hung out on the deck as they wandered and grazed in their little harnesses. Today they are both super happy to see us and zooming all over the house showing off. 

This week I'm not sure whats on the docket. A few more finishing touches and a lot more hassling the realtor!

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