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Tuesday 5 March 2019

New water heater!

It seems like this week hasn't really been productive but, well, there's been a few things including shoveling snow! We had a dump of over a foot in one day followed by a few more inches the next night. 
Furgs is still there hangin out in the snow
In other news been, slowly, working on the upstairs bathroom. Dug out the floor to find the plumbing. You can see the old broken copper lines. Having looked now I probably should have trashed the ceiling in the dining room below but the hole is there now....
Getting the drain to align with the new shower base drain hole was a bit of an adventure but, of course, I got there. so the drain is installed and I just need to re-fill the hole in the floor!

Meanwhile the really big exciting thing to happen this week was today's installation of a new hot water tank. I finally had to cave and buy a new one as the hot water started to come out a very rusty colour. We tried to drain the old one which helped for a while but it was obvious that the tank insides were rusting, badly. So today the new tank arrived... and I spent the whole day, draining and replacing the old tank with the new one. It took ages! I'm not really sure why but whatever. Oh but a rando thing I found when I removed the cold water intake line was a small bead. It looks like it must have fallen into the well and was slowly working its way through the water system until it got stuck.  

Till next time, please, enjoy a newly installed closet door knob!

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