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Tuesday 12 March 2019

Shower time!

With the shower base installed we moved on to tiling. It's taken us a full week of cleaning up the walls and floor ooooh and I did some more plumbing getting the shower taps ready. I still need to attach the lines to the bath lines but PEX pipes are super easy to work with and it'll take no time at all to detach the bath and intercept the existing lines (Which reminds me I forgot to label which is hot and which is cold at the other end... oops!).

 Meanwhile we started with the backer board for behind the shower. 

Mum cutting a circle into one of the tiles. She ended up breaking the side off but it was good practice. 

You can see the grey lines coming out from the back of the tub. They aren't disconnected yet but it's bringing me much closer to a working shower; omg I can't wait! The tub is fine but god I miss having a shower. 

There's the rounded cut to fit around the toilet. That's some pro tile work mum performed right there. 

And with the help of a diamond tipped drill bit the shower lines fit and are ready to go.

Tomorrow is grouting day... If either one of us can move tomorrow. It doesn't seem like that hard of a job but man alive both mum and I are stiff and sore!

Till next week...

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  1. OMG, the pic of Tyler. Looks like he has been doing renos too long,...he has a crazed, demented expression!!! Ah, ha, ha. Time for a trip to Halifax for a pub crawl.