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Monday 25 February 2019

The downstairs bathroom

We've been busy the last two months... wait... weeks! 

The downstairs is almost done... The laundry and the fixtures are all installed. Just need to install a divider with an exit for the dryer hose. Mum did an amazing job rebuilding the vanity. She took it apart refinished all the bits and applied a few decoupage jellyfish to the side and the door. It's a tiny little space so pictures don't really do it justice...

There's Sam checking his laundry... meanwhile below is mum going for the first walk down our new basement steps. 

Omg those old steps were treacherous. But they're all better now! Meanwhile a few random shots of Carl inspecting the steps before installation, a lamp under the hot water tank to keep the lines from freezing (A new cold weather problem), and a sneak peak of the new shower base upstairs.

Meanwhile our pensive Carl thinking about the work left to be done...

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