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Wednesday 19 June 2019

We're up for sale!

So I didn't make my Tuesday posting deadline :-( Sorry everybody! But in my defense we spent the last few days working like dogs from dawn 'til dusk to make our house beautiful! There's still lots of little details, a ditch to dig, some painting, calking, and probably the hardest thing... Keeping the place clean!

Here are two highlights of some of the last few bits we did last week:
Dryer vent shelf

OMG so we spent half a day working on this cool sliding door for the upstairs spare bedroom only to find one it was all assembled the wall was so warped no amount of adjusting would make it look good and we ended up removing the whole thing and putting a curtain up instead. You can tell we're getting tired when we don't double check this kind of thing.

 But we did it and are live on the mls! It's pretty exciting to have it posted! Albeit it was a little disappointing to find out our starting price is a bit lower than we had hoped. Anywho here is a few pictures of the finished product! (Begin the picture dump!)

 And finally Carl might need a diet.... 

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