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Thursday 27 June 2019

Mostly Done... Before & After Pt. 1

Well, Again, here we are not on a Tuesday with no excuses! The house is almost all done. Just 8 more things left to do: Paint the last piece of trim outside, dig a sump pump ditch, replace the last spot of gutters, bolt the back deck door handles on, fix a hole in the wall in the workroom (where a window used to be), fix the door trim in the work room-kitchen, paint touchups around the house, buy a block molding for the last piece of trim to go into the foyer. And then it'll be time to move back into the motorhome!

It's pouring outside right now, as it's been raining for the last 3 days so no outside stuff which is pretty much all of it as even cutting it an outside job now that the insides are actually clean and dust free. And we're keeping it that way!

So the next few will be a before and after look at the work we've done. 
Here are a few shots of before and after (can you guess which is which 😉):

What a difference! 

Mum is totally addicted to No Man's Sky now and may be willing the rain so she can feed her addiction! 

Sam, Wishing he was outside playing with us.

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